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Therapeutic Family Court Support Masterclass

  • 52Weeks


This masterclass is designed for narcissistic abuse survivors. It provides the much needed information on how to navigate the family court process in private law cases from a trauma-informed lens. You will acquire the knowledge and skills that will equip you to gain better favourable outcomes from the court hearings and at least, minimise the traumatic impact of going through the family courts with or without legal representation. Access: You will have unlimited access to the course for one full year, learn at your own pace and log-in as often as you need to within that period. Resources: You will have access to workbooks, forms and documents in pdf or word format that you can download, make reference to when needed and can include in your court bundles. Access to trusted external resources including links to websites and videos that other learners have found very helpful. Access to the learner's community hub where you can interact with new and experienced learners. Legislation: Referenced legislation and legal forms are based on legal provisions in England & Wales. Learners who are not habitually resident in the United Kingdom will also find the guided information useful and can apply it to the relevant laws and court processes in their countries of residence. Begin your journey of empowerment by selecting a convenient start date for you. You've got this.




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